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Product Highlights

  • SGJET mini strip switch light indicator with fuse

  • Suitable for TV, dth, video and audio systems, fax, epbax, computers, laptops, printers, mobile chargers and many more

  • Operating Capacity: 6Amp. 240 V AC only

  • Fuse rating 6 amp

  • Safety on/off switch

  • Precaution :- User do not use strip for heavy load equipment's like microwave oven, press, geyser, immersion rod etc. Can be use below 1000 watt devices as total load on the strip.


The SGJET multi-plug extension cord has been perfectly crafted for continuous and heavy usage. Moreover, this resourceful extension cord is available at the best possible price! robust material this multi-port extension cord consists of top-grade high plastic. This material makes the external body reliably strong and rigid. The lightweight design facilitates easy carrying around. You must surely invest in the SGJET multi-plug extension cords this breakage free extension is very versatile too! main features this reliable extension cord is long lasting and non-flammable. This 8 socket extension comes in a rectangular shape. The cord can be wound into the extension itself. The SGJET multi-plug extension cord is white in color and have Two buttons that are used for left and right side sockets separately and there is a use inside of the board. The led turns on when the electricity is passing through and turns off when it is not. It can support many devices together.

SGJET Multi Pin White Extension Board ( 2 m , 8 Socket , 2 Switches)

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹149.00Sale Price
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