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Earn Money by Uploading Notes in India | Sell Handwritten Notes

Are you looking to earn money by uploading notes in India?

Then < > is the platform for you where you should work.

Here you can sell your own notes and can generate a handsome amount of money as a Student. Lots of students are already earning a good amount of money by selling their notes on this website.

Note: You don’t need to deliver hardcopy of your notes, you will sell the only PDF of your study notes.

Here you can sell handwritten notes at your desired price. You don’t need take tension about Shipping of the notes. Here you can sell PDF format of the study material. You just need to click all photos of your HandwrittenNotes and Convert into a PDF. Go to this website ( and upload this PDF.

When you will have a sell, your earning of these notes will be transferred into your bank account. Keep in mind that the notes which is you uploading on SHN website should be yours. Otherwise your notes will not be approved for selling by admin team of this website (SHN)

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